March 23, 2012

Low-Cost Shingles, HPV, and Chickenpox Vaccines

Updated: March 23, 2012 

Chickenpox, Shingles, or HPV Vaccine for $35 per shot - if you meet certain eligibility requirements.  
The Merck Vaccine Patient Assistance Program offers low-cost vaccine to patients who meet specific criteria.  AITC is working with Merck to provide this benefit.

You must meet age requirements, have no health insurance (note: Healthy SF is not insurance), and have family income below a certain level to qualify ($89,400 for a family of 4; $58,840 for couples; $43,560 for individuals).

If you meet eligibility requirements, AITC will charge just a $35 administration fee per vaccination.  AITC offers the following vaccines under this program:

 - Gardasil® (HPV vaccine, regularly $167)
 - Varivax® (chickenpox vaccine, regularly $119)
 - Zostavax® (shingles vaccine, regularly $209)

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Mystery Girl said...

Is there a chance to have a chicken pox after a vaccine?

Stefan Hall