August 20, 2014

Low Cost Meningococcal Vaccine Available at AITC for Special Groups

According to a report released by the Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Section of San Francisco Department of Public Health, officials from Los Angeles County reported 10 confirmed cases of meningococcal disease earlier in 2014—five of which were in gay or bisexual men.Click here for more.

Although there have been no recent cases of meningococcal disease among gay or bisexual men in San Francisco, officials at the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) encourage vaccination for San Franciscans who have had, or anticipating having, close or intimate contact with gay or bisexual men from Los Angeles County.

Meningococcal vaccine is effective prevention when given at least 7-10 days before exposure to the disease. Those at risk should discuss vaccination with their medical provider, but should be aware that low cost vaccine ($26; regular price $139-159) is available at AITC Immunization &Travel Clinic for uninsured or under-insured individuals who are at risk. Click here for more.

To learn more about Meningococcal disease, click here.